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Matt Kirby grew up in Leicestershire and is now based in Chesham (40km from London) and on the Island of Lesbos, Greece. He has been discovering and experimenting with abstract painting for many years, first as a hobby alongside his job as a building surveyor and gradually transitioning into a full-time artist. 


Matt combines his technical background, colour and vision, using various techniques to create work that represents special events and experiences. Over the years, Matt's style has evolved to create a truly unique range of works that he has exhibited and sold both in the UK and throughout Europe. 

Matt displays a large amount of his work out of his gallery in Greece which attracts a large number of visitors each year and is able to offer unique commissions based on existing styles. The Work is carried out using high quality primed canvas boards and boxes with excellent quality mixed media paints to evoke a high colour quality finish. 

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