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Splatter Painting

Series of Work

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Autumn Dew - 50cm x 50cm SOLD.jpg

Four Seasons

My recent paintings in the four Seasons Series are influenced by the vast range of colour, light and textures experienced in the Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring often not found in many parts of the world.

Pop Art 2020 Crushed Cans on  boxed canv

Crushed Cans

I started a local charity called The 'Can Collect' Project where cans are collected and the money from the scrap goes to Charity. With the influence of Urban and Pop Art I started experimenting with crushed cans from this with Metallic and spray paint to create an ongoing range of work using well know beverage brands presented in newly sprayed frames.


Death of Art

All artist go through times of frustration with their work and linked in with the 3D project I produced a small series showing the violent destruction of the work in 3D effect. Its not to everyone's taste but it did receive great reviews.


3D Sport Art

My love of sport in general greatly influenced this series. I attempted to incorporate actual sporting equipment in a 3D concept with real life vibrant colour to bring the actual sport and its movement to the canvas.



This Series began with a return flight which flew over favourite city at night. The lights, colour, life and the rivers outline had a huge influence on 'The River' and 'Metropolis' and several variations that have now been painted.



Working with fellow artist Marie Constantelli we jointly produced a series of golfing scenes influenced by the colour and texture of the golf course and the silhouettes of the players to create striking golf scenes.



Initially using gloss paint I experimented with the union flag to give my own interpretation of the design and colours allowing it to flow using my very own technique. This developed out using metallic paint and using the same personal technique to produce other nations flags in an abstract format.


Square Series

Both Pier Mondrian and Jackson Pollock work has hugely influenced my career so far. The square series series was my interpretation to try and combine these to great artists work using my own personal techniques to allow both preciseness and flow of the paint and colour.


40 years of Punk

One of my favourite series having been around in the seventies and seeing the development of punk from glam rock and the huge affect it had on me and my peers. Being able to see these great bands live it was a fitting tribute to create a series of work to celebrate 40 years of work based on my favourite bands. The PUNK following lives on!



The series was initially based on the aerial views of our landscape with all its varies colour and texture My love of colour and the flow of paint was fitting to produce these works of our land and sea and weather fronts that hugely affect what we see. I still occasionally add to this series.



I have a great interest in space travel and the Apollo missions of the 60's and 70's The series was created based on space, space travel and planets that we are associated with in our universe creating a textured vibrant range of work using our interpretation of the planets colours.



I still occasionally add to this series based on my interest in technical lined art and colour mixed with illusion techniques. This stems from my previous career as a Surveyor where I did a lot of technical drawings.



My love of he urban environment visiting at night heavy influenced this series of work. The colours reflections and lights all have had an impact on my artwork.

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